Why car sales? Great question! Before you buy a vehicle or a house from someone you should find out why they are in the business in the first place.

At 46 years of age, I am a relative latecomer to the industry. Was there nothing else I could do? Am I a compulsive liar and therefore drawn to car sales?

None of the above (my initials notwithstanding). I am a family man. I’ve lived in Saskatoon for 17 years now and held a variety of positions (Full resume here) in a number of different industries. My three children have all been born in Saskatoon.

I started selling cars because the harder I work, the better life I can provide for my family. My goal isn’t to sell just a few cars here and there, but to sell so many cars that I become the Cam Bird of car sales.

Why does that matter to you? The only way I can sell enough cars to do what I want is if you tell your friends and family about me. The only way you will tell your friends and family about me is if I go above and beyond for you. The only way I know how to ensure that I am going above and beyond is by being completely honest and running my business with integrity.

If I do that you’ll be happy, and I’ll be able to sleep well at night knowing I’m setting a good example for my kids.

So, to answer the question, “why car sales?” It’s a great fit and I love what I’m doing! And, I hope that enthusiasm shows because I really want you to love your new car!

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Brandon Snowsell is a professional auto salesman plying his trade at Saskatoon Motor Products in Saskatoon, SK. He welcomes your comments. Feel free to visit him Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Saturday. Appointments are recommended and can be booked here.

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