My 5 year old son woke up at the crack of 7AM this morning excited to open up Day 1 of his Lego Advent Calendar. His older sister woke up equally excited about her advent calendar at the much more sane hour of 8AM.

In my family, Advent is a time of thankfulness and preparation for the birthday of Jesus (yes, it may or may not be his actual birthday, but it is the traditional date). We can do that equally well with Lego Advent calendars as chocolate Advent calendars or no calendars.

Typically as well, this is a very busy time of year. For my family not only is it the Christmas season, but also my oldest daughters birthday and our anniversary. It’s a time when family often comes to visit. Office parties. Other parties. Time to reconnect with friends.

For me, this year it is also my first December in car sales. And, I was thinking about that this morning as I made this little clip. This journey has been successful because of you. Each of you that has considered coming to see me when you’ve been in the market. Each of you that has referred me to your friends and family. Each of you that has sent an encouraging word. Each of you that has taken time to view or read anything I’ve written.

So, to you, I owe a debt of gratitude. Simply, thank you. This Advent

season, may you be blessed.

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