Welcome to my video page! To date, below you will find some of my favourite videos.

Am I the only one troubled by the fact that the KIA SOUL Hamsters appear to have no name? Like the one in the below video…shouldn’t he have a name? I’ve given him one. Let me know if it’s good or if he should have a new name. As far as I can tell, there’s three Hamster’s that need names. Top 3 choices win a prize.

The 2017 KIA Forte Review you won’t find anywhere else!

It’s always good when other folks jump in on the fun!

Gotta have some fun on St. Paddy’s Day…even if your Irish accent is lacking. My accent improves in direct proportion to the amount of Guinness I’ve consumed…there will be no video proof of that though!

Not only do I highlight Malibu March Madness, but I also offer great hair tips. Gotta watch. And that Camaro is selling at a smokin’ hot price. If you want it, get in touch with me ASAP.

I’ve got great colleagues and we like to joke around. Recently, our dealership was the sponsor at the SMP Motorsports Spectacular. Hilarity ensued!


From time to time, I post video walk arounds of the vehicles. Sometimes those video’s are different than how I anticipate them being.

It’s not always hot and sunny in Saskatoon, but the show must go on!

It was so cold when this was filmed that you can see my ears getting redder and redder. Once I got back inside, my hand and ears were tingling as they started to thaw. A good reminder to dress for the weather. The rest of me was fairly warm as I do dress for the weather. Thermal underwear, thermal long-sleeved undershirt, short-sleeved shirt, dress shirt and sweater. Oh, and two pairs of socks as well.

I need earmuffs though.

I try and keep this page updated with the most recent videos, but sometimes selling cars hinders my upkeep. HOWEVER, you can find the full, complete library on Youtube or on my Facebook page.

But, for those that don’t like to click, here are a couple more favourites.

Sometimes, I actually do small walkarounds.

Yes, I just added the beard in December. It may or may not stay long-term, that has yet to be determined.

And, sometimes, my colleagues make guest appearances too:

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